Commissioning a Painting

If you would like to commission a portrait please email me at scottmitchellportraits@outlook.com and I'll be happy to discuss the process in detail. 

The prices below are for one subject, additional subjects are slightly more expensive, and are charged on a case by case basis. 

12"x12" £1000

12"x16" £1100

14"x18" £1200

16"x20" £1300

Please ask if you're interested in a larger canvas. 

What I Need From You

All I need from you is a high quality image that you want painted, the higher the quality the better! For the best paintings I like to recommend the photo be taken with a DSLR but with the quality of modern phone cameras it is not compulsory and I can draw detail from other reference images if needed.

Should you decide to commission me I will talk through with you what kind of photos translate best into paintings, and, should you have a few favourites, I will help you choose the best one for the job.


While I am based in the UK I routinely take commissions from across the world, shipping rates typically being fairly inexpensive with the majority of my canvas sizes shipping for around £60 including insurance. Unless requested otherwise this will be done through DHL and typically takes around three days to arrive.

Framing and Care

It is not compulsory to frame my paintings, but if you like a more traditional look that is of course an option. Take this into consideration when choosing a size canvas as frames add a few inches to all dimensions. 

I do not ship my paintings framed as they would be more expensive and more likely to get damaged. 

To preserve the paintings I apply a coat of varnish. This means, should you need to dust the paintings, this can be done very delicately with a damp cloth without damaging the painting. 


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