Oil and pencil portraits by Scott Mitchell

About Scott Mitchell Portraits

Realistic Pets and People Portraits from your photos

I am a professional portrait artist based in Derby. Specialising in realistic oil paintings, my subjects of choice include both people and animals. I studied at the University of Lincoln in 2007, where I received a BA Hons in Illustration. I have been fortunate to be able to take on and deliver commissioned portraits of pets and people from around the world. I have also had illustrations on display at exhibitions by Spoke Art in New York,San Francisco, Hawaii, and Los Angeles.

I have begun to expand my portfolio by investigating and painting flora and fauna from around the world. These paintings will explore and aim to showcase the subject in action and explore animal behaviour. Apart from producing new paintings, this is an opportunity to promote and inform on the conservation of species of concern, and of personal interest.

In 2020 I partnered with the National Animal Welfare Trust who do excellent work in the rescue and rehoming of animals. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss any paintings you like. I also accept commissions, and would be happy to discuss any queries or requests you may have.

Scott Mitchell painting an animal portrait

Customer Reviews

"My wife and I had lost our boy of 13 yrs Finnegan and wanted a portrait to remember him by and commissioned Scott to do it. He surpassed all our expectations and we cried when we say the end result ; it was very faithfully to a picture of Fin in the back of our SUV that we had provide Scott. Although it was a not very discernible detail in the picture, Scott took the time to paint in the reflection of me and my wife in Fin’s eyes and that made the portrait all the more special. The portrait hangs in a busy hallway in our home and is the first thing we see each morning when we come down for breakfast. We are very very pleased with Scott’s work and have no qualms recommending him for a doggie portrait."

Hareesh and Rhonda

"I reached out to Scott to ask about him doing a painting of my childhood dog who had recently passed away. From the outset, Scott was a true professional. He walked me through the process, patiently answered all my questions, and kept me up to date on his progress the entire time. The painting arrived yesterday, and it is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with the process or the finished product, and I could not recommend Scott more highly."

Michael A

"I contacted Scott after seeing one of his beautiful portraits on Reddit. I inquired about him painting a portrait of my beloved golden retriever Murphy who had recently passed. Scott responded quickly, even though he was being bombarded with emails due to the popularity of his Reddit post. He offered guidance on what reference photo would be best to use as well as what size would work best. The painting came well packaged and exceeded every expectation that I had. He managed to capture the essence of my sweet boy perfectly. This was a gift for my wife and she treasures it. Scott is an exceptionally talented artist and I would highly recommend his services."

Greg B

Email me at scottmitchellportraits@outlook.com to enquire about working with me.


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